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ClarityCoat is revolutionary new product that provides unrivaled sprayable paint protection for your UTV. Not only does ClarityCoat look and feel like automotive paint, it doesn’t yellow, have lines, edges or hidden knife cuts. ClarityCoat can be sanded and polished to any finish and leaves no residue after removal all while protecting your UTV from everyday road debris and scratches with over 200 Microns of security.

- Sprayable paint protection
- Offers over 200 Microns (8 Mils) of protection
- Has no hidden knife cuts
- Show zero edges or lines
- Won’t yellow
- Leaves no residue behind after removal
- Can be sanded and polished to any finish
- Lets you choose any color available

Wolf Designs is the EXCLUSIVE dealer for ClarityCoat in Arizona so give yourself the gift of superior protection and unrivaled quality by contacting us today for a quote 480-888-0202.