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WD-MX3-048 - Can-am Maverick X3 UTV Wrap Kit Pricing Starts at $630.00 (EXTREME PLUS KIT SHOWN)


Wolf Designs' premium UTV wrap kits for the Can-am Maverick X3 are digitally printed on the highest quality 3M brand vinyl ensuring the very best product with a finish and fit that's mistaken for paint. Each wrap kit is fabricated at the time your order is placed, and may take up to 7 business days to manufacture.

 Image shown is the Extreme Plus Kit Standard White

This wrap kit fits the following models: Can-am Maverick X3
This wrap kit was designed to fit the following door styles: 
All styles listed above. Any style option not listed will be overprinted in the form of a rectangle that will need to be hand trimmed to the desired fit.

Extreme Plus Kits include the following: Doors, Fenders, Hood, Roof, Rockers     
Standard Plus Kits include the following: Doors, Fenders, Hood, Rockers
Base Plus Kits include the following: Doors, Fenders, Rockers              

******Custom Colors and Designs also Available Call for Details******



  These instructions are general in nature and will provide the basics needed to properly install your graphics.

    - Read and understand these instructions before installing product
    - Ensure doors are securely latched prior to operating vehicle. Do not use product if there is any sign of damage


We do not recommend covering or removing any factory warning labels. We will not be held responsible or liable in any way for any injuries or death, directly or indirectly resulting from covering or removal of factory warning label.   NOTE: If your graphic kit is designed to coincide with an OEM graphic scheme for an associated model, please understand that door graphic colors are selected and made to color match as close as possible. Due to vehicle use, plastics color and paint variations. The colors are not always  perfect in every case leading to slight variations.

General Notes:

    - We have done our best to make the graphics kit as easy as possible to install but if possible, seek professional help.
    - Install graphics kit in a 60°F - 100°F environment.
    - Properly cleaning the graphic application surface before installation is critical (see Step 1 for reference).
    - Take your time and plan on spending a few hours installing your graphics.
    - IMPORTANT: There is no need to use soapy water to install our graphics.

Step 1: Thoroughly clean all parts of the surface area that the graphics will be applied to. Remove any factory installed graphics in the subject area as well. Use isopropyl alcohol for cleaning/prepping the surface that you are applying the graphics to. Properly cleaning the application surface is required for proper graphic adhesion.

Step 2: Place graphics on the surface with paper backing still on graphics to get an idea of how they will lay and how to achieve proper alignment relative to shape of the skin.

Step 3: Once proper alignment is achieved, we suggest installing the graphics in the order described in the diagrams included with your wrap kit. Pick a corner to start with. roll back the edge of the graphic on starting corner. Remove the paper backing and apply corner to the surface. Make sure the unapplied graphic is still lined up after the starting corner is applied. After entire graphic is lined up, peel back more backing paper from the unapplied graphic and use your thumb or a small squeegee to flatten out the graphic to the surface. If you have a high point on the graphic you are installing, start at the high point and work your way out/down toward the rest of the kit. {Note: Be firm with graphic application to ensure any air bubbles are removed.}

Step 4: Repeat process in step 3 for remaining surfaces until all graphics in the kit are applied accordingly.

 Install Tips: When you add heat from a blow dryer or heat gun, the kit can stretch up to one inch in any direction so be careful using heat while pulling or holding the graphics. If you end up with some small wrinkles at the very last edge of a graphic area, apply a little heat and tap it down with your finger to flatten these areas out.

 After installation is complete on all areas, let the graphics kit sit for 24hrs. With a razor blade, knife or scissors; carefully cut an "X" or single slit from the top side of the graphics, through all hardware holes to reinstall any hardware that may have been removed for the graphics kit install.






























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